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Irrigation Drip Tape

In order to increase the efficiency of the production in the agricultural field, it is absolutely important the sustainable consumption of water. The biggest amount of water is used in farms and in row planting irrigated by ridge and furrow techniques.The deep penetration of water and its vaporization, are influential factors in the reduction of the efficiency of the traditional methods of irrigation.

In order to prevent the waste of water and to maximize the irrigation efficiency, it has been carried out an extensive research that, together with the design and the production of the Drip Tape, has reached a turning point in the field of agriculture and especially in the field of irrigation techniques.

Drip Tape is applicable for greenhouses, row planting and intensive cultivation of different products and vegetables such as tomato, corn and potato. Since it does not require a land leveling and that it prevents the increase of the growth of weeds, Drip Tape has been absolutely conducive to agricultural economics.

Even irrigating the surface of the ground and keeping the remaining water in the soil of the area where is needed, the Drip Tape prevents the suffocation of the plants and provides an optimum condition for the growth of the plants thanks to the decrease of the time of growth, due to the reduction of water stress or shortage the efficiency increases.

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