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Automatic Filtration Systems3


All the components are made of high quality vergin materials.

  • Centrifugal Filtration:
    Helix created Centrifugal Action optimizes the filtration performance and reduces backwash frequency and maintenance.
  • Disc Filtration with Maximum Safety:
    All the components are made of high quality vergin materials, the unique design guarantee an extended life with high resistance.
  • Modular Construction:
    The versatility and compatibility of filter Permits the system a wide range of flows and Configurations, easy to install & change.
    It's Modular configuration allows design according to customer preference or space
  • High Density Polyethylene manifolds
  • Max flow 256 m*3/h (1125 gpm)
  • A wide range of possibilities with a minimal number of components
  • Low Maintenance:
    No tools demand for filter maintenance, easy and fast.
  • Exclusive Piston System:
    A piston system to compact the filter elements .Allows for easy decompression of the disc stack during backwash.
    Easy for handling and disc maintenance.
  • Water and energy saving:
    High efficiency filtration system & backwashing system save the water and energy.