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Automatic Disc Filters


AQUATEC Automatic disc filter allows to obtain the maximum quality in filtration and minimum energy consumption. Our filter minimum the water lose. reduce system maintenance costs , the core technology is high-precision groove type disc and high quality high performance cartidge.

  • Better filtration reliability: Disc Type Filtration
    Elaborate design of inner construction & disc cartridge, ensured the impurities that might plug the system to be stopped.
  • Better water saving and reduce system maintenance cost: Centrifugal Filtration
    The helix create centrifugal action, big impurities flow away cartridge, optimize the filtration performance and reduce backwash frequency and maintenance and water lose, get the best filtration result
  • Better automatic self-cleaning result: Accurate Small Nozzle Design
    Numerous small nozzle in cartridge, create spiral high speed water stream, which get efficient cleaning of discs; Low flow demanding, ensure the flow rate of whole system more stable, and get efficient self-cleaning
  • Multiple precision of disc available: Good for different working conditions
    Color coded disc precision in 200 micron, 130 micron, 100 micron, 50 micron
  • Molding products, with very little dimension difference
    Different connection available for fast assembling, easy for installation and change